Particle Therapy represents the newest frontier of radiation oncology. Scientific evidence on its capability to improve the cost/benefit ratio of radiation treatments by the use of both protons and carbon ion particles is becoming more and more robust for a great variety of malignant cancers. Therefore, particle beam facilities are rapidly increasing all over the world. Aim of the present webinar is to provide an updated overview on the methodology to define indication for the particle beam treatments currently adopted in the leading European facilities. lnformation provided by the current meeting will finally improve knowledge regarding appropriate patients selection and explore future directions of the use of particle beam therapy in clinical practice.

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The webinar is fully funded by Associazione Italiana per la Ricerca sul Cancro (AIRC), project IG-14300 “Carbon ions boost followed by pelvic photon intensity modulated radiotherapy for high-risk prostate cancer”, registered at (NCT02672449), approved by IEO R86/14-IEO 98.

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